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April 30, 2004


This is amazing!

In an attempt to break the Guinness world record for the longest distance run on a treadmill in 24 hours, Christopher Bergland & Dean Karnazes are running side by side at Kiehlís Flagship Store in Manhattan (109 3rd Ave in the East Village), from April 28th at 8AM until April 29th at 8AM. In full view of the public, both men seek to break the 24 hour treadmill distance record of 153.6 miles recently attained by Edit Berces in Budapest, Hungary.
And they did it! They finished sometime this morning. Chris beat the world record by 5/16 of a mile.

The play-by-play account was brought to us by Eli Chapman.

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Please don't take away my aggregator!

(No doubt most of you are reading this post in your own aggregator.)

From Wired News:

News aggregators may be the best new tools to appear on the Web since the browser, but as the programs and the underlying RSS standard grow more popular, some question whether the Internet will be able to handle the traffic…
Read the rest of the article.

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Jesus and boundaries...

Remind me to elaborate on this later…

Yesterday, a guy named Dwight made a comment on my post about the modern legalism of communion.

Speaking of how we limit communion to believers, he said:

“It is not legalism to insist that there are boundaries for the community and its activities.”
This is really making me think this morning. What’s getting me is that “I just can’t come to terms with placing the name of Jesus next to the word ‘boundary’” (to quote myself).

Anyway, I apologize for quoting some comments that you could have just read on your own, but I would like to talk about this a little more at some point and I’d love it if someone would hold me to it.

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Bus Proverb #3

“You gotta dress nice… At least fo’ the first couple’a days at the job. That’s how you get the respect. Then? Once they know you? You fine… I mean, how’s they goin’ to respect you if you can’t respect yo’self?”
All Bus Proverbs

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April 29, 2004

Bus Proverb #2

“If someone’s gettin’ on my nerves? I just drop ‘em off a couple of stops late… They’ll get the picture.”
All Bus Proverbs

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April 26, 2004

Where were you the night of...?

Strange ActivityLast night, Julianna and I were questioned by a detective from the Shawnee Mission Police Department. We weren’t the only ones — there were a couple of detectives on “the scene” and they questioned everyone in our building. It seems that something is up with one of our neighbors (I don’t know what). We were asked if we know the guy, when we’d last seen him, if there had been any “strange activity” lately, etc.

This morning I was thinking about the concept of “strange activity” this morning. Isn’t “strange” one of those subjective terms? Like, one man’s strange is another man’s lifestyle? Wouldn’t it have been better for the detective to use the term “out-of-the-ordinary”? I mean, what if the guy wore big rainbow afro wigs all of the time? While that might be strange to me, seeing him out-and-about might not be construed as “strange activity” — in fact, seeing him with a shaved head might be more “strange” (more like out-of-the-ordinary) than anything.

Anyway, being interogated by a detective on your doorstep isn’t the lovliest occasion. Julianna is a bit more concerned about the whole thing that I am.

Hopefully, everything is ok with our neighbor.

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Home Hunters...

House HuntersSince most of the people who read this Weblog already know, I guess that I can say that Julianna and I are now officially looking for a house to buy. We’ve only been inside two houses so far, but we’ve looked at the outsides of countless others. Next Saturday, we are going to be going to ten more to see the insides.

It has been fun, but the whole idea is a little stressful. We’re totally ready to buy a house, but I don’t know if we’ve come to terms with the responsibility yet.

Anyway, please pray for us. We would like to buy in August.

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Bus Proverbs (Bus Proverb #1)

I thought it might be fun to post some interesting or funny quotes (proverbs) that I hear from some of the more vocal characters on the bus everyday. I don’t know how consistent I will be with this, but I heard one this morning that I’d like to share (and, if I do end up posting a bunch of quotes here, maybe I’ll decide to start a fortune cookie company or something).

Bus Proverb #1

“All you can do is go to work everyday and pray to the Lord that you don’t have to kiss nobody’s behind.”
All Bus Proverbs

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April 22, 2004

Blogger Idol - Week 14: Spirituality (My Top 5)

Blogger Idol
My personal Top 5 picks for Blogger Idol – Week 14: Blog Tipsr (not necessarily in order from first to last place):

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Making Connections...

Previously, I wrote about how the bus has become a Sacred Space for me. While it hasn’t always been consistent, it has remained for the most part. And I am thankful.

This morning, I witnessed how the bus may be others’ Sacred Space as well. Somewhere along the route, a woman in front of my appeared to be overtaken by “the Spirit.” Her hands went up in the air. She began to quickly tap her feet on the bus floor. Prayers issued forth from her lips in both mumbled and annunciated tones.

“Jesus, Jesus,” she would say as she looked around with a blank stare and a smiling face. “Yes, Lord. Oh, Lord Jesus. Yes, God. Thank you, God. Yes.”

She continued to wave her hands in the air and pray for a few minutes, stopping once and then starting again, and then she was done. She looked around and smiled. The conceptration in her eyes was back. She looked forward to the road ahead as if nothing had happened.

No one seemed to mind. I don’t think I did. It was kind of neat.

And then, someone behind me commented about how they were going to get a hamburger for lunch and I thought of something else that happened on a very different bus last Saturday.

Saturday, a bunch of us went on a wine tasting tour in Central Missouri. It was one of our friend’s birthday. She rented a bus for us all to be hauled around in. We had a lot of fun and got to taste some pretty darned good wine. Seriously.

But during the trip at some point, we got into a conversation about meat and how some cultures, though they live in America, still prefer to buy their livestock while it’s alive and kill it themselves.

Here’s a quote, straight from “someone” on our bus about this:

“...I mean, I like beef, but I’m not going to go out and kill a pig for a hamburger!”
PigburgerThat must have been, like, a “ham”-burger reference, right? But, I must admit that we were all pretty tired by this time — we ended up having a very good laugh about it. (And, no, I won’t tell you who said this.)

But, moments after this journey in my mind, back to last Saturday’s events, my bus ride was over and it was time to get off of mental connections and make the transfer to a connection in the physical realm — my next bus.

With a flip back to Sacred Space… As we exited the bus, the bus driver happily said “God bless you” to each and every one of us.

No, Mr. Bus Driver, God bless you… And thank you.

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April 21, 2004

The Cops are back...again?!

I “finished” the new version of the A Different Kind of Cop website yesterday (finished is in quotes because, while it’s ready for prime-time, it’s never actually totally complete).

The Cops are back again!
I’m using Pivot as the backend (it runs on flat-files instead of MySQL). Pivot was created as a blogging tool, but I’m using it more like a CMS (Content Management System). I can’t say that it was the easiest way to do it — I mean, Pivot is easy (very easy), but it’s not really a CMS yet — but now that it is finished, it seems to be functioning as if well-oiled (and updating it with Pivot is a snap!).

Most of the content is there, but it still needs some graphical embelishment and mp3s… Actually, though I’m not totally into begging for money on this site, donating some to me would allow me to purchase Andromeda ($125 US) — a way to elegantly implement mp3s on the site.

Go ahead. You’ll feel really good about yourself and be permantly added to the “Friends” list on the site…

But, anyway, check out the new site and let me know what you think.

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Joseph, Guiseppe and Antonio Lombardo

Update: Here is a great article published by the Basehor Sentinel about the Lombardos. (TS, 04/28/04)

From (read the original obituary here — includes a guest book):

Continue Reading...

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April 20, 2004

Blogger Idol - Week 14: Spirituality ("So Much For Coffee")

Blogger Idol
No use crying...In the past year and a half or so, I have successfully broken three travel coffee mugs and three 12-cup coffee carafes. (Or, should I say that I have unsuccessfully maintained any unbroken coffee containers?) The most recent carafe was broken no more than ten minutes ago.

I have come to terms with my “luck” concerning coffee containers. For a time, I will have to go without brewing coffee at home (maybe more time now that I ride the bus). But, I will be able to get my coffee elsewhere if I want to. Some days — like tomorrow — I might even go without it (I don’t really need coffee in the morning, I just like it). And, really… It’s not like it will be that long until I can purchase a new carafe.

Continue Reading...

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April 16, 2004

Blogger Idol - Week 13: Blog Tips (My Top 5)

Blogger Idol
My personal Top 5 picks for Blogger Idol – Week 13: Blog Tipsr (not necessarily in order from first to last place):

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April 15, 2004

Blogger Idol - Week 13: Blog Tips ("Blogging In 6 Easy Steps")

Blogger Idol

Do you enjoy reading Blogs? Do you enjoy writing? Would you just like a place where you can experiement with your own website? Have you ever thought about starting your own Blog, but continue to feel intimidated about the countless ways to do it…and the looming need to understand the “technicalities” behind blogging?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Below, I have written a 6-step list that maps a route to getting a Blog of your own on the road…

Continue Reading...

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April 13, 2004

An evening in the studio...

No Master FaderI spent yesterday evening with my friend Keith Kaster, et al, at Low Key Productions in Blue Springs, MO. Keith mastered a song that I just finished for the next Automata compilation on Flaming Fish Records (sorry I can’t share the song right now, but I’m inclined to wait until the CD comes out).

Low Key Productions… This studio is phenomenal. I drool heavily over the equipment there — not that I have any problems coveting, mind you, just a severe drooling condition (I’m working on it). Anyway, it was quite an experience to have my song patched through all of the best analog and digital equipment money can buy. And the song turned out awesome!

Automata… Automata is approaching it’s 7th volume. It is a magazine/CD release that Flaming Fish puts out every now and then. In fact, I had a song in the very first volume back in 1999. Since Automata is a magazine as well as a CD, it includes all sorts of interviews, articles, and reviews, et cetera. In this issue, there will be an interview of me, conducted by Chad of The Edge Radio. He’s always been a big supporter of my music. I’ll provide a link to where you can purchase it when it is available.

Flaming Fish Records… Carson and his Flaming Fish label has always supported me as well. This time, they are sponsoring the release of my next album through Ballistic Test Productions, a long-time promoter of my Adkoc project.

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April 12, 2004

Free Culture is

Free CultureThe Audiobook version of Lawrence Lessig‘s Free Culture is now completely…complete. Click this “Free Culture” popup audiobook link to make a small window popup to aid you in your listening pleasure.

Also, check out the Free Culture Wiki. There, you can read HTML copies of each chapter of the book (if you prefer that to downloading the entire PDF) as well as find links to all of the various recordings of the Audiobook.

This is an amazing project that should be supported. Listen to all of the chapters and let all of those who participated know what you think.

Lastly, you can read two articles that have been written about this project. The first, primarily about Lessig’s book, is from the Stansford Daily. The second, all about AKMA’s idea to do the Audiobook, is from Canada’s, The Globe and Mail.

Needless to say, I am so happy to have been able to participate in this myself. What fun it is to be a part of something that I think is important as well as to see it reach so many people.

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Reflections of Holy Week...

Last week, as a sort of “sub-project” to grid::blog | Project 365, I thought I’d try to meditate on Holy week. Below are the photos that came out of it. When you click the thumbnails (to see a bigger version), it will take you to my Photoblog, so you will have to close that window to come back here.


Sunday, April 4, 2004 – American Virgin: American Virgin

Monday, April 5, 2004 – Palm Monday: Palm Monday

Tuesday, April 6, 2004 – Transit Mass: Transit Mass

Wednesday, April 7, 2004 – Sacred Snarl: Sacred Snarl

Thursday, April 8, 2004 – Communion Service: Communion Service

Friday, April 9, 2004 – Extinguished: Extinguished

Saturday, April 10, 2004 – Angelic Presents: Angelic Presents

Sunday, April 11, 2004 – Sonrise: Sonrise

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April 09, 2004

Another soujourner...

I’d like to welcome Dave into our mottled blogging ranks. I have neither spoken nor e-mailed nor had any contact with Dave — in fact, I found him in the comment of another Blog. (I don’t even know if he has ever been here.) I liked his writing, though — he made me feel and think right off the bat — and I thought I should mention him.

Go visit Dave and say, “hi.”

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Blogger Idol - Week 12: Birds of a Feather Flock Together (My Top 5)

Blogger Idol

My personal Top 5 picks for Blogger Idol – Week 12: Birds of a Feather Flock Together (not necessarily in order from first to last place):

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April 08, 2004

Degree Confluence Project...

Link via John Carnes:

Modern Havana from the sea (23 degrees north, 84 degrees west)

“Modern Havana from the sea” (Click picture to go to the Confluence site and see a larger version.)
From Degree Confluence Project:
The goal of the project is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at each location. The pictures and stories will then be posted here.

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RSS Update...

My RSSFull Feed“ now contains CSS (the reason this site looks the way it does) thanks to Richard. Give it a gander if you want to know how for yourself.

(Too cool!)

You can also get the full feed of my Photoblog here.

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April 07, 2004

Stations of the cross...

Christ dies on the crossAs we head towards Easter, you must jump over to Darren’s site and check out his links to the various artistic representations of the Stations of the Cross. Totally great.

David Michalek‘s site showcases photographs that he took of homless men and women “acting out” the Stations — it is simply breathtaking (“Christ dies on the cross” is pictured here).

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April 05, 2004

Blogger Idol - Week 12: Birds of a Feather Flock Together ("Opening Day")

Blogger Idol

Opening Day at Kaufman Stadium, 2004This afternoon, a few coworkers and I went to Opening Day at Kaufman Stadium to watch the Kansas City Royals lose to the…no beat the Chicago White Sox… Well, let me just say that if you know anything about today’s game, you know why we shouldn’t have left early. Ugh.

A Bird of the...FeatherOne thing that most of those who like baseball (and those of us who have been to a baseball game) know — something that was definitely exemplified by the games that occurred all around the nation today — is that baseball fans are all “birds of a feather” who “flock together.”

As you can see from the photo above (click it to see a bigger version), the stadium was packed — even the “standing room only” seats were sold out. Here to the right is a close-up of the better-than-average “bird” (Missouri’s finest, for sure).

I was a bird watcher today. And flock they did.

Happy New Baseball Season everyone.

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New Lessig Audiobook site & Andromeda...

Scott Matthews has created a very nice site that neatly organizes all of the entries for Lawrence Lessig‘s Free Culture Audiobook into streaming files that you can play right from the site. Nice!

Speaking of Mattews’ site, it is built on top of his own “Andromeda.” This is an amazing PHP (or ASP) script that installs as easy as “drag-and-drop” and gives your site most of the functionality that the now defunct once had (or rather the now emerging “Music“ by

Matthew’s describes Andromeda as “DIY” Every independent musician should download (the evaluation version is free, but you’ll have to purchase the advanced editions) and install this program.


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April 02, 2004

Going to Hell twice?! (A Rant About "Us")

I read something the other night in Stories of Emergence: Moving from Absolute to Authentic edited by (the book actually incorporates stories by a number of people) that really convicted me. The passage was by Spencer Burke (of The Ooze fame) about the “sanctity” (read, “modern opinion”) of the Lord’s Supper.

Since I don’t have the book in front of my, I’m going to have to paraphrase:

So what if an unbeliver partakes in communion? Will he go to Hell twice? Or, what if that person has a real, life-changing experience with Jesus?
I apologize if I mangled the original text, but the meaning is the same: Why do we continue to think of Christianity as such an exclusive club? I know that this question is nothing new in our current environment of postmodern/emerging church thought, but I think that even if we asked those who consider themselves part of the “transition,” we’d get a thousand different opinions about who should be able to and how we should take communion. And, based on the conviction that this simple passage has created in me, I feel like the “modern” opinion of communion is completely skewed (don’t get me started on the Catholic opinion.)

We are not part of an exclusive club that requires its members to be cleared of all of their wrong-doings before they are accepted. I assume that we would all agree with this, right? So, if that is the case, why do we continue to judge people for “trying out” our faith? Why, when this happens, do we feel infringed upon or violated — as if those people are not “good enough” to partake in the “gifts” that we have been given.

Couldn’t it be possible that a large majority of those who believe today came to their faith by trying something new — something that, through the power of the Holy Spirit urged them on to try it again and again?

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The Lessig Audiobook Afterword!

Finish LineThe silence at the end of an audio wave has never looked like a finish line to me. Today, it does.

Last night, around midnight, I finished editing the Afterword from Lawrence Lessig’s latest book, Future Culture, that I had been recording all week for AKMA‘s “Future Culture Audiobook“ idea.

Even though it took a bit longer than I had expected it would, I really enjoyed doing it. The experience kind of makes me want to try my hand at recording some other works — maybe an entire book sometime!

In any case, you can download my version here (26.7 MB and just over 58 minutes long). Most of the other chapters can be found here or here or even here. Download ‘em all!

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Blogger Idol - Week 11: Blogger Pageant (My Top 5)

Blogger Idol

My personal Top 5 picks for Blogger Idol – Week 11: Blogger Pageant (not necessarily in order from first to last place):

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April 01, 2004

New RSS feed...

Thanks to the help of my friend Scott Evans, I was able to create an RSS template (RSS 2.0) that includes my Blog’s entire entries (images and links and all) instead of just an excerpt.

Just copy this link and aggregate away.

RSS 2.0 - Full Feed

(Oh, and please let me know if you come across any problems too!)

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The Lord's Prayer in Flash...

A few people have already linked to this, but it is incredible — very powerful.

Thanks to Mike Todd, Jason Clark, and, originally, Jonny Baker.

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The Lessig Audiobook update #3...

What a night!I could tell you that I finished my version of the Afterword. I could tell you that the file is uploaded and available. I could tell you that I’m very happy with my progress. But, that would all contribute to a cruel April Fool’s joke. (In fact, I could have uploaded an mp3 that just contained me yelling, “April Fool’s!“ but that would have just been plain rude.)

I did finish recording it, though! And I almost finished editing it too, but it just got way too late — and I’m suffering from it right now, as I am not quite the “night-person” that I used to be.

So, tomorrow, for sure. I am starting to feel like I should have picked one of the shorter chapters — last I checked, chapters 10 and 13 were still up for grabs — because the Afterword was finished by others before I was halfway through. But, I started it, so by golly, I’m going to finish it!

Once again — and I apologize — check back here again tomorrow.

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