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August 09, 2003


Resurrection time, come on!Well, I’ve gone and done it… Exactly what I was talking (and asking) about. I’ve “backblogged” all of my old, pre-Blog, online journal enteries. Before I started “blogging” within the MovableType system a few months ago, I had been journaling online for quite a while. “Why not,” I thought, “resurrect these old gems?”

My first attempt was through a script handling code in Flash where I could create a text file that would be read from a link that I created inside the Flash “shell.” Anyway, this ended up becoming pretty tedious, because, while the creation of the text file (writing a journal entry) was simple, everytime I made a new link within Flash, I’d have to rebuild the “shell” and re-upload it. Not fun.

Then, I discovered LiveJournal — one of the first, free, user-friendly, online journaling systems (this was a bit before the term “Blog” was ever used). Live Journal was great — and is far greater at this point — but I wasn’t really in the journaling mood for a long time, so my journal just kind of sat there.

Fast forward to May 2003. Blogging seems to have become the “new thing” on the internet (though, people had been “blogging” for a couple of years now). And, lo and behold, I was in the mood to begin journaling again.

So, now, through the magic of backblogging, I have been able to bring all of you my old journal posts. None of them have accompanying pictures. A lot of them are few and far between. All of them, as of now, can still be found here and here. But, finally, they are all in one place.

If you do go back through the old posts, I hope that you enjoy them. One of the posts recaps how I met the girl who would be my wife and how I came about moving out here to Kansas City, MO, to be with her.

Whether it be bad “blogiquette” or not, consider this Blog backblogged.

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Comments (2):
I read recently that the difference between a journal and a blog is that the former focuses on the personal life of the author (including a lot of internal processing) and the latter focuses on the world at large. So blogs have really short posts with a lot of links to other blogs or online news sources. Bloggers are more like freelance reporters. Whereas journallers write for an audience of one, but make themselves publicly assessible. What think you?

Indigo () (URL) - August 11, 2003 at 1:29 pm

My opinions may differ. The term “Blog” comes from the term “Weblog” (think Captain’s Log on Star Trek). There can be a Personal Weblog (i.e., journal), a Political Weblog, a Web-oriented Weblog…a Photoblog (for photography).

I think “Blog” is becoming much more all-inclusive and almost, in turn, phasing out the whole “online journal” concept.

Here is one definition of “Blog” from :
A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links. A blog is often a mixture of what is happening in a person’s life and what is happening on the Web, a kind of hybrid diary/guide site, although there are as many unique types of blogs as there are people.

Therefore, Blog is much more than just a blurb about current affairs or what is going on on the web, but the writer’s personal thoughts and feelings about those things.

Here’s one more definition from :
1. noun. A contraction of weblog, a form of on-line writing characterised in format by a single column of chronological text, usually with a sidebar, and frequently updated. As of mid 2002, the vast majority of blogs are non-professional (with only a few experimental exceptions) and are run by a single writer.

That’s what thinks I. ;-)

timsamoff () (URL) - August 12, 2003 at 09:05 am

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