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August 02, 2005

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William Gibson on sampling...

From “,” by in :

We live at a peculiar juncture, one in which the record (an object) and the recombinant (a process) still, however briefly, coexist. But there seems little doubt as to the direction things are going. The recombinant is manifest in forms as diverse as Alan Moore’s graphic novel The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, machinima generated with game engines (Quake, Doom, Halo), the whole metastasized library of Dean Scream remixes, genre-warping fan fiction from the universes of Star Trek or Buffy or (more satisfying by far) both at once, the JarJar-less Phantom Edit (sound of an audience voting with its fingers), brand-hybrid athletic shoes, gleefully transgressive logo jumping, and products like Kubrick figures, those Japanese collectibles that slyly masquerade as soulless corporate units yet are rescued from anonymity by the application of a thoughtfully aggressive “custom” paint job.
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Comments (2):

Burroughs rocks, and Gibson is dead on with this one. I’m going to reprint his article and frame it, that is of course, after I do a cut and paste job on the article along with “Naked Lunch”. What fun!!!

Larry () - August 03, 2005 at 2:54 pm

Hey, cool, Larry… Yeah, it’s a great article. ;-)

timsamoff () (URL) - August 03, 2005 at 3:10 pm

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