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September 17, 2007

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I am so happy about an application that has just been released for . It is called and it has already changed my life…

“Seriously?!” You might ask?

As a musician, I have oft struggled with how I should write songs and efficiently store them in a way that I can always have them with me, easily accessible at any time. Likewise, when I do happen to have my (huge) notebook full of songs, written or typed on paper, I always have an issue of how I’m supposed to hold them while I play them and how best to flip the pages when I need to…

Most of you probably won’t relate, but if you’re a singer/songwriter who also possesses one of these said notebooks, you will agree: it’s not a very good system.

Of course, I have tried to keep all of my songs saved on a computer — which is definitely more efficient than wasting a bunch of paper — but how, then, do I take the songs with me? A laptop? Well, yes, that would work, but even with a laptop, a person is forced to reach down and scroll through the song as it’s being played. (And, honestly, a laptop is way too big!)

Enter PyChord, developed by .

But, what am I talking about anyway?

Take a look:

PyChord on YouTube

(Click it, it’s a video.)

Like all new apps, PyChord still has some things to work out, but it’s pretty much at a stable, useable state right now.

Thanks, Danilo!

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